Fresh Pure Food in Restaurants

How do we get Fresh Pure Foods at Restaurants?

If you're considering a restaurant chain, chances are fresh pure food options will be even more limited or nonexistent then a a privately owned restaurant.

Unless you’re especially lucky or you are a vegan who doesn’t eat corn or soy; you should probably accept that you will be eating GMO food at restaurants.

When communicating about fresh pure foods, with a restaurant; we recommend you use finesse and get a feel for the restaurant menu, personnel, feeling within the restaurant, management and reviews. You can call them up or ask your waiter or send an email.

It's commonly very difficult to communicate about fresh pure food with restaurants and it takes practice and finesse; unless you come upon a restaurant that is concerned about and either understands or is ready to understand fresh pure food guidelines. Sometimes restaurant people are happy to help and sometimes they feel imposed upon. Be appreciative of honest responses; even when the answer is different than you want to hear (which is most common). We recommend refraining from showing any negative feelings or attitudes about the answers and instead show sincere appreciation for honesty and truth.

Restaurants commonly believe and/or state that their food is fresh and pure when it has sugar and refined oils and even chemical flavorings that are part of the salty seasonings they use. Most menu items, at most restaurants, have sugar and salty seasonings (containing chemically made flavorings) and refined oils in them. For example, pretty much every bread you get at any restaurant will have sugar in it. Restaurants commonly say a dish has salt when in reality they're using a salty seasoning that has chemical food flavorings. In fact part of the marketing strategy for these flavorings is helping the restaurants realize that people crave these additives after they start to consume them.

If you ask about sugar content in the food and get the truth (I've discovered that restaurant personnel are sometimes misinformed themselves and therefore workers that do not wish to lie may still end up giving answers about fresh pure food that are not accurate), you will commonly be told it's just a little bit of sugar and although it's true that less sugar is preferable to more sugar, it's also good to consider what less sugar means. It's so common in our Western diet to have so much sugar in a food that less sugar could still be much more than is best for your body. Especially if you want no sugar, which is the best choice in terms of protecting your teeth and protecting your body from sugar addiction, since as you eat sugar your body tends to crave more sugar later.

If you ask certain restaurants to cook with and only use virgin olive oil in your meal; you have a fair chance of them granting that request, even if they don’t normally use and cook with virgin olive oil. (of course you still need to cross your fingers that it’s not counterfeit virgin oil as discussed online, or a mixture of refined and virgin oil). It's worthwhile to look your waiter in the eye to ascertain whether your waiter understands the difference between pure (heated and refined) and virgin oils (cold processed and unrefined). What’s common is the waiter is thinking you said olive oil as people commonly don’t embrace or realize the difference between “virgin “and “pure oils” as the term “pure olive oil” is a term the oil industry uses so people think the oil is good; when “virgin oil” is the truly natural, unrefined and unheated option, that meets these fresh pure food guidelines.

If you talk to a restaurant the day after you had a meal there and talk about the meal you had and let them know you want to be able to come back and get fresh pure food and tell them what fresh pure food is and is not, you may be able to build a relationship with the restaurant and discover how to get fresh pure food meals there. To accomplish this, first get the right person on the phone, which means when you call you’ll need to explain your concerns to whoever answers the phone and then ask who might be able to talk to you that understands the ingredients of the menu.

  • Restaurants usually love to get good reviews on Yelp and other review sites, so you may be able to entice a restaurant to want to feed you fresh pure food by letting owners, managers and personnel know it will inspire you to give them a good review.
  • You may want to print this or show the restaurant this website or the Fresh Pure Food Movement Facebook page.
  • Generally, the best time to communicate with a restaurant is in the middle of the afternoon.