Why Care About Fresh Pure Food

Why should we care about Fresh Pure Foods in Natural Food Store Refrigerators?

When looking in natural food store refrigerators you may see some GMO-free fresh pure foods, although the majority of what you see will not meet fresh pure food guidelines; especially when you consider that the animals providing the eggs and dairy that you see were almost certainly (unless organic) fed GMO alfalfa and corn.

There actually are a lot of fresh pure foods available for distribution to refrigerated sections of natural food stores that you will not see. This is because most refrigerated fresh pure foods are not distributed by major natural food distributors and stores tend to stock what these major natural food distributors supply.

Rejuvenative Foods for example has over 40 fresh pure raw nut and seed butters and raw cultured vegetables and fresh chocolate spreads that are minimally or not at all distributed.

We care to inspire natural food distributors to make it easier for stores to have ready access to refrigerated fresh pure foods.

What Should we do to Keep and Bring More Fresh Pure Food into Natural Food Store Refrigerators?

  1. First step is to realize which fresh pure foods you want in natural food store refrigerators.
  2. Then communicate with refrigerated buyers and decision makers at your natural food store and possibly their refrigerated distributor(s); to get your will to buy refrigerated fresh pure foods heard.

It’s best to state the brand and product that you want. You may also contact the food manufacturer and ask them to help you contact the store and possibly the distributor.