What Is Fresh Pure Food

What is Fresh Pure Food & Why Care For It?

Fresh pure food has been minimally transformed from its natural state. Thus there is nothing refined—no refined sugars, grains, flours, etc. No chemical processes are used, and no man-made chemicals are added to fresh pure food.

Just before fresh pure food is eaten or prepared for a meal, it should be in a whole form, similar to how it was when it was growing. This means fresh pure food is as nature created it. In our culture today, people commonly eat unhealthy foods, such as refined foods, foods with chemical additives, or foods that are simply not fresh or whole. Peoples bodies become so accustomed to these unhealthy foods that when they eat many healthful fresh pure foods for the first time, which are commonly different in flavor and feel from what their body is used to, they may have an initial response of dislike. Human bodies become accustomed to things like white sugar or additives such as MSG, so when really pure natural food is introduced, the natural propensity to accept and appreciate these healthful foods may be diminished or lost.

So people may be attracted to unhealthy food and not appreciate healthier options simply because they have not had enough experience with healthful foods. “Results indicate that food preference is an increasing function of exposure frequency: the more frequently a food has been tasted, the better it is liked.” (Eertmans et al, 2001). This means that even if healthful fresh pure foods do not appeal to you at first, if you continue to try them, the taste will become more familiar and, thus, more likable.

Michael Pollan says, “Corporations are bad cooks! They use far more salt, fat and sugar than any home cook would use,” and “There are no seasons in the American supermarket.”

Fresh Pure Sweeteners

The only sweeteners used in fresh pure foods are natural honey, maple syrup (or depending on personal choice, other naturally cooked down sweeteners) or fresh or dried fruit that has no additives and sweet pure vegetables.

Maple syrup may or may not be considered a fresh pure food, depending on an individual's preference. A few other sweeteners that some might consider a fresh pure food and others might not are all of the cooked down syrups including Yacon, Agave, Barley Malt and Rice syrups.

Fresh Pure Oil

If an oil is not “virgin” then that means it has been refined and processed with chemicals (oil that is simply labeled "pure" is most likely chemically processed). Oils and fats in fresh pure food can only be “virgin” oils or animal fats.

GMO’s and fresh Pure Food

Ideally fresh pure food is free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO-Free) and we have options for GMO-Free food in natural food store refrigerators (and elsewhere); although restaurants seldom offer meals free of GMO’s.

We prefer GMO-Free because when we eat food that is from GMO’s, we are eating an excessive amount of toxins from pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, as GMO’s are created to self-saturate themselves with these poisons by pulling these toxins from the soil or as with GMO corn, even create these poisons as they grow and still thrive. (yes it’s true that GMO corn has been designed to create poison as it grows; you may Google this).

This also means that we do not want to eat meat, dairy or fish that have been fed GMO grains and alfalfa. Although this is almost impossible when eating any farmed meat or fish. Even though we can still find wild fish; Fish that we previously assumed was wild is now commonly farmed.